School-based assessment of HSC Board Endorsed Courses

ACE 8075

Last Updated: 1 April 2019

Schools and colleges are required to submit school-based assessment marks for students undertaking any HSC Board Endorsed Course (except for Board Endorsed VET Courses, University Developed Board Endorsed Courses and School Developed Board Endorsed Life Skills Courses).

They are awarded in accordance with the Performance Descriptions for Reporting Achievement in Stage 6 Board Endorsed Courses. These marks are reported on the Record of Achievement but are not moderated by NESA.

A further requirement for the assessment of BECs is that the assessment must be based on the HSC component only.

Assessment must reflect the extent to which each student has achieved the objectives and outcomes of the course.

Three to five tasks, including formal examinations, are recommended. At least one assessment task must be a formal examination task.