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HSC assessment of VET courses

ACE 8093

Last Updated: 3 April 2019

All VET courses are competency-based courses.

NESA and the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) require that a competency-based approach to assessment is used (see ACE 8094 HSC Assessment of VET Courses: competency-based assessment.

Assessment must:

  • meet the requirements of the national training package or nationally accredited qualification/course on which the VET course is based
  • be conducted by a qualified assessor under the auspices of an RTO which may be a school, TAFE college or other VET provider.

The Registered Training Organisation (RTO) must:

  • maintain a record of the competencies achieved by each student. This may take the form of a competency record book (student log), or records generated as a result of school use of the NESA VCS Online system.

Assessment procedures for the categories of VET courses are described in: ACE 8095 – 8098.

Schools need to liaise closely with RTO's delivering HSC courses to their students regarding assessment requirements. 

(Provisions for non-completion determinations and student warnings apply to VET courses.)