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HSC assessment of VET Industry Curriculum Frameworks

ACE 8095

Last Updated: 1 April 2019

It should be noted that:

  • all performance criteria need to be met to demonstrate the achievement of an element of competency
  • all elements of competency must be achieved in order to demonstrate the achievement of a unit of competency.

Schools are required to submit to NESA, via Schools Online, both the units of competency each student in each course intends to study in a year (referred to as competencies entered) and the outcome achieved, unless the student is studying the course through TAFE NSW. This information will form the basis of the AQF VET Certificate or Statement of Attainment to be issued to the student.

HSC examination and estimated HSC examination marks

The VET Industry Curriculum Frameworks have a Higher School Certificate written examination.

It is the responsibility of the school/RTO delivering the HSC VET Industry Curriculum Framework courses to determine an appropriate estimated examination mark for all students entered for the corresponding HSC VET examination.

Eligibility for the HSC examination

Only students who have completed the corresponding 240 indicative hour course are eligible to enter for the HSC examination. This includes students who have been granted RPL or credit transfer for some or all units of competency, provided they have met the requirements of the respective 240-hour course.

Eligible students must be entered separately for the examination.