Internal assessment of HSC Board Developed Courses

ACE 8074

Last Updated: 25 July 2018

Changes to ACE rules and procedures are occurring to reflect the Stronger HSC Standards reforms.

NESA strongly encourages all ACE users to review the Summary of Changes that may impact the below.

For each Board Developed Course (except VET Industry Curriculum Framework courses and Life Skills courses), schools and colleges are required to submit an internal assessment mark to the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) for every student including those who are studying the course with an outside tutor.

Assessment marks for Board Developed Courses are moderated, and the moderated marks are reported on the Record of Achievement.

In the event of a successful illness/misadventure application, the examination mark may be derived from the moderated assessment mark or unaffected components of the examination. 

Moderation of assessment marks allows comparison across the entire candidature for any course.