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Assessment of Stage 6 Life Skills outcomes

ACE 7008

Last Updated: 4 December 2017

Each student accessing a Life Skills course in Years 11-12 will be assessed on their achievement of the outcomes selected through the collaborative curriculum planning process. The syllabus outcomes and content form the basis of learning opportunities for students.

Assessment should provide opportunities for students to demonstrate achievement in relation to the selected outcomes. Assessment can occur in a range of situations or environments such as the school and wider community.

There is no requirement for formal assessment of Life Skills outcomes.

Students entered for Life Skills courses may achieve the designated outcomes independently or with support.

An outcome should be considered as ‘achieved independently’ if there is evidence that a student can demonstrate the achievement of an outcome either:

  • without adjustments, or
  • with adjustments that enable the student to access course work and/or demonstrate achievement during assessment opportunities. These adjustments should have been determined through the collaborative curriculum planning process.

Schools are not required to use the Common Grade Scale for Preliminary courses or performance bands to report achievement for students undertaking Life Skills courses.