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Satisfactory completion of an HSC Vocational Educational Training (VET) course

ACE 8028

Last Updated: 11 October 2021

This rule is affected by changes made to RoSA and HSC rules and requirements in 2021.

Find these amendments in our COVID Changes for 2021.

As with all HSC courses, students undertaking VET courses may be deemed to have either completed or not completed course requirements based on the course completion criteria.

The HSC course requirements in a VET course are defined by:
• the HSC indicative hour requirements of the course
• the HSC course structure
• mandatory work placement requirements (where applicable)
• the HSC Requirements and Advice for examinable units of competency in Industry Curriculum Frameworks
• competency-based assessment requirements.

HSC unit credit for a VET course is withheld if there is no evidence of training activity (VET data). This includes where there is no RTO assigned, no enrolment in a qualification, no competency outcomes, or ‘Did not start’ outcome for all competencies.

Schools in partnership with an RTO delivering an HSC VET course must ensure that the scope and sequence and program for delivery of the course address all of the HSC course requirements.

The course requirements for HSC VET courses can be found in the syllabus for Industry Curriculum Framework courses or in the course description for VET Board Endorsed Courses.

VET mandatory work placement
The requirement to complete work placement in a VET framework course is also stated in the student declaration on the Confirmation of Entry. This is to be signed by the student and retained by the school.

If a student fails to undertake any mandatory work placement component it may be determined that the student has not made a genuine attempt to complete course requirements. In this case the principal can indicate that the course has not been satisfactorily completed and the student may be issued with a non-completion (‘N’) determination.

It is possible for the principal to certify, at a later time, that the student has subsequently completed the mandatory requirements and request that the ‘N’ determination be withdrawn.