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Credit transfer towards the award of the Higher School Certificate

ACE 8044

Last Updated: 1 April 2019

Students may gain credit towards the Higher School Certificate based on study successfully completed in a formal learning context.

The prior formal learning for which credit transfer is sought should:

1. be a TAFE course or a course undertaken with another recognised education or training provider;

2. contain specific learning outcomes for each major content area;

3. contain a well-defined knowledge/understanding component;

4. be comparable in depth of treatment with those courses which NESA develops and/or endorses;

5. equate to NESA indicative hours for the unit value sought (60 hours per unit).

The minimum amount of credit transfer granted for a course will be two units. Courses (or parts of courses) of less than 120 indicative hours duration will not be accepted for the purposes of credit transfer.

The maximum amount of credit transfer granted will be no more than six units of the 12-unit Preliminary study pattern and no more than four units of the 10-unit HSC study pattern.

Credit transfer will not be granted for English.

Credentialling credit transfer courses
Courses for which credit is granted will count as Board Endorsed Course (BEC) units in the Preliminary or HSC pattern of study.

The time limit on the recognition of courses for credit transfer is five years between the year of course completion and the year of the first Higher School Certificate examination.

Credit transfer is determined by NESA on the recommendation of the school principal.