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Applying to NESA for credit transfer towards the award of the Record of School Achievement and the Higher School Certificate: procedures

ACE 8107

Last Updated: 1 April 2019

Credit transfer procedures

Step 1: Preparing the application

An application for credit transfer should be completed.

The student should provide originals of relevant documentation, such as result notices and certificates, to the principal.

A description of the course content and hours of study from the college handbook or other official publication should also be included.

Step 2: Assessment of the application

The principal will examine the application for credit transfer and the accompanying documentation and, on the basis of the principles outlined in ACE 8044 Credit transfer towards the award of the Higher School Certificate and the evidence provided, make a recommendation to NESA on:

  • the extent of credit transfer considered appropriate in terms of HSC indicative hours (at the rate of 60 hours per unit)
  • the way in which the units are to be allocated to the student’s pattern of study (eg three Preliminary units and two HSC units).

Note: credit transfer can be granted for a maximum of six Preliminary units and four HSC units. The minimum amount of credit transfer granted for a course is two units. Courses (or parts of courses) of less than 120 hours indicative time will not be granted credit transfer.

The completed application, together with photocopies of original documentation, certified by the principal, must be forwarded to: records@nesa.nsw.edu.au.

Step 3: Advice on result of application

NESA will advise the principal in writing of its determination in relation to the credit transfer application. Where credit transfer has been granted, the units will appear as an amendment to the student’s entry record on Schools Online. A new Confirmation of Entry must be produced for the student to sign.

Step 4: Appeals

The student may appeal to NESA for a review of the credit transfer decision. The appeal should be lodged in writing together with any relevant documentation.

Step 5: Credentialling

When the Record of School Achievement and/or Higher School Certificate Record of Achievement is issued, the credit transfer will be listed, together with the appropriate unit value. The units will count as NESA Endorsed units.