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Study of Preliminary and HSC Board Endorsed Courses: units of study and indicative time

ACE 8066

Last Updated: 1 April 2019

With the exception of VET courses and the English Studies CEC, Board Endorsed Courses, including CECs, can be either 1-unit or 2-unit courses and can be either Preliminary or HSC courses, or both.

All courses are of 60 indicative hours per unit per year.

Unless otherwise specified in a School Developed Board Endorsed Course Decision Notification, one-year courses may be studied as either Preliminary or HSC courses.

Board Endorsed Courses, including CECs, do not have an external Higher School Certificate examination.

University Developed Board Endorsed Courses are either 1-unit or 2-unit courses, as specified in the course application and endorsement notification. They are not externally examined, and are reported on the Record of School Achievement and the Record of Achievement with the notation Refer to University Documentation.