‘N’ determinations – principal’s determination of non-completion of course requirements

ACE 4019

Last Updated: 16 April 2018

This is the decision made by the principal at the end of the course, under delegated authority from the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA), that a student has not satisfactorily completed a course.

Students who have not complied with the course completion criteria and who have received at least two written warnings can be regarded as not having satisfactorily completed the course at the time of finalising grades. The principal may then apply the ‘N’ determination.

For Stage 5 and Stage 6 Preliminary courses, the school must also submit a grade that reflects the student’s actual achievement in the course so that, if the student appeals successfully to NESA, the grade can be reinstated. See also ACE 4021 Assessment at the end of a Stage 5 course – grading student achievement and ACE 5003 Assessment at the end of a Preliminary course – grading student achievement.

Where the ‘N’ determination is applied in a Stage 5 mandatory curriculum requirement and/or a mandatory course, it will be reported on the Transcript of Study and the Student eRecord as ‘Not Completed’.

The following courses will not be listed on a student’s Record of School Achievement or Transcript of Study if an ‘N’ determination has been made:

  • additional studies (electives) in Stage 5
  • Stage 6 courses.