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Criteria for satisfactory completion of a course

ACE 4016

Last Updated: 29 March 2019

Criteria for satisfactory completion of a course

A student is considered to have satisfactorily completed a course if, in the principal’s view, there is sufficient evidence that the student has:

  1. followed the course developed or endorsed by NESA;
  2. applied themselves with diligence and sustained effort to the set tasks and experiences provided in the course by the school; and
  3. achieved some or all of the course outcomes.

NESA does not set a minimum attendance for the satisfactory completion of a course. The principal may determine that, as a result of absence, the above course completion criteria might not be met. Clearly, such absences are serious and principals must give students early written warning of the consequences of non-completion of course requirements. The warning must relate the student’s absence to the non-completion of the course requirements.