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Record of School Achievement and Higher School Certificate appeals against non-completion of course requirements (‘N’ determinations)

ACE 11007

Last Updated: 1 February 2012

A Principal’s Determination form should be completed and a copy given, together with the Student Appeal form, to any student issued with an ‘N’ determination in any course, or sent to the student’s home address. Principals must also advise the student’s parents or guardians (if the student is under 18 years of age) in writing of their right to appeal against the principal’s determination.

If a student does not wish to appeal to NESA, the completed Principal’s Determination form should be retained at the school.

School procedures if student appeal is successful at school level

If a student appeals to the school and the student’s appeal is successful at the school level, both the Principal’s Determination form and the Student Appeal form should be retained at the school. NESA must be advised so that the ‘N’ determination can be removed and the grade/assessment mark reinstated.

School procedures if student appeal is unsuccessful at school level

If the student’s appeal is unsuccessful at the school level, all documentation should be retained at the school unless the student wishes to appeal to NESA.

NESA will review appeals only on the information submitted with the Principal’s Determination form, the Student Appeal form and the School Review – Principal’s Report form. Copies of all the warning letters that were sent and any other relevant information must be included.

The appropriate forms relating to ‘N’ determinations must be submitted to NESA by the dates specified by NESA.