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Record of School Achievement – attendance in relation to satisfactory completion of a Stage 5 course

ACE 4017

Last Updated: 16 August 2012

Where a student’s attendance pattern may jeopardise the satisfactory completion of a mandatory and/or Stage 5 course, the reason for absence and its likely effect on the student’s course progress should be established.

Principals should consider:

  • the nature and duration of the absence;
  • the standing of the student within the course at the time of the absence;
  • the student’s prior pattern of attendance, application and achievement; and
  • the ability and commitment of the student to compensate for the classroom experiences missed.

Leave may be granted to cover absence from the school’s educational program for short periods, provided that the reason for the absence is substantial and that the progress of the student towards course outcomes will not be unduly affected.

When leave is granted by the principal, such leave should not, of itself, jeopardise the student’s eligibility for the Record of School Achievement.

In cases of prolonged absence and/or where the principal is not satisfied that course completion criteria can be met or that progress can be maintained, the principal may judge that catching up is not feasible. As far as possible, early warning of the consequences for a student of such an absence should be given. The warning must relate the absence to the non-completion of course requirements.