Requirements for the award of the Record of School Achievement

ACE 4001

Last Updated: 15 August 2012

Eligibility requirements for the Record of School Achievement are set out in section 94 of the Education Act 1990 (NSW).

School attendance, curriculum requirements

In summary, to qualify for the award of a Record of School Achievement, a student must have:

  • attended a government school, an accredited non-government school or a recognised school outside NSW;
  • undertaken and completed courses of study that satisfy the Board’s curriculum and assessment requirements for the Record of School Achievement;
  • complied with any other regulations or requirements (such as attendance) imposed by the Minister or the Board; and
  • completed Year 10.


Students must be warned if they are in danger of not satisfactorily completing mandatory requirements. This warning must be given by principals in enough time for students to meet the requirements. If a student does not meet all mandatory requirements by the end of Year 10, then the student will not be eligible for the award of a Record of School Achievement in that year. The student may receive a Transcript of Study showing all grades awarded, including ‘N’ determinations for mandatory courses studied in Stage 5.