Weighting of marks for HSC school-based assessment

ACE 8077

Last Updated: 26 June 2020

This rule is affected by changes made to RoSA and HSC rules and requirements in 2020.

Find these amendments in our COVID-19 ACE rule.

The various school-based assessment tasks must be planned in accordance with the component weightings.

The final school-based assessment mark will be based on the marks assigned to the various assessment tasks. This final school-based assessment mark is usually best reached by the straightforward aggregation of the assessment task marks for each student.

Statistical standardising procedures may be applied to the marks for individual assessment tasks, but teachers need to be aware of the exaggerating effect of applying such statistical procedures on tasks with poor discrimination.

To enable the moderated assessment marks to give an accurate representation of student performance, it is important that marks submitted to NESA establish the rank order and reflect the relative differences between students' achievement in the course.