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Grouping of students for HSC school-based assessment

ACE 8076

Last Updated: 1 April 2019

The component weightings to be used for school-based assessment in each course are detailed in the syllabus Assessment and Reporting document.

In determining school-based assessment marks, schools must submit marks for all students undertaking a course at the school as a single group. This includes students who are also undertaking a related Extension course, as well as accelerants.

Mathematics Extension 1 and Extension 2
Students undertaking Mathematics Extension 1 are assessed as a single group. The Extension 1 students' marks are submitted as a mark out of 50 but the marks of students who are also undertaking the Extension 2 course are doubled and submitted as marks out of 100.

Accelerating students
Accelerating students should complete all assessment tasks (or their equivalent) that are undertaken by students completing the usual HSC program. This does not mean that accelerating students must complete every assessment task at the same time as other students. In some instances this will clearly be impossible, as it depends on when the student is accelerated and the amount of work that has been covered. There may need to be flexibility in the order and timing of assessment tasks. This also means, however, that accelerating students may have to do additional work at certain times and that, to some extent, programs of work may have to be specifically tailored to the student's needs.