Credentialling of Stage 6 Life Skills courses

ACE 7010

Last Updated: 4 December 2017

Life Skills courses that are satisfactorily completed are reported on the Higher School Certificate Record of Achievement with the notation Refer to Profile of Student Achievement. The Profile of Student Achievement lists all of the Life Skills outcomes achieved by the student in each course completed.

Schools submit information on Schools Online regarding outcomes that have been achieved, either independently or with support, for all students undertaking HSC Life Skills courses at the time of collection of HSC assessment marks.

Outcomes achieved in School Developed Board Endorsed Life Skills courses will not be reported on the Profile of Student Achievement.

Students will receive the HSC Profile of Student Achievement together with any other HSC credentials being awarded.

Students who are accumulating Life Skills courses for the Higher School Certificate and who leave school prior to gaining the Higher School Certificate will receive a Profile of Student Achievement in conjunction with the award of the RoSA or Transcript of Study. Students not eligible to be awarded a RoSA can access a Transcript of Study through Schools Online.

See also ACE 5006 for credentialling of Year 11 Life Skills courses.