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Requirements for provision of VET courses for the Higher School Certificate – delivery by Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) other than schools or TAFE

ACE 6015

Last Updated: 29 March 2019

The following guidelines are intended to provide guidance to schools and training organisations regarding provision of HSC VET courses by Registered Training Organisations other than schools or TAFE. They should form the basis of formal contractual arrangements between schools and Registered Training Organisations.


  1. These guidelines apply to Registered Training Organisations contracted by government or non-government schools to deliver accredited VET courses as part of the NSW Higher School Certificate. Schools delivering VET courses, and TAFE NSW institutes and colleges delivering courses for the Higher School Certificate are not included in this definition.
  2. The Education Act 1990 precludes any institution other than a government school, registered and accredited non-government school or TAFE college from offering the Higher School Certificate. Registered Training Organisations may, however, on behalf of schools, deliver VET courses or parts of courses that contribute to the Higher School Certificate. Courses/course components delivered by RTOs for the Higher School Certificate must meet the requirements of NESA.
  3. NESA is required either to develop or to endorse all courses for the Higher School Certificate. In addition, VET courses for the Higher School Certificate must either be based on endorsed Training Packages or nationally accredited VET courses. RTOs can only enter into arrangements to deliver a VET course for the Higher School Certificate where the course has been developed or endorsed by NESA for Higher School Certificate purposes.
  4. All VET Higher School Certificate courses must be delivered by an RTO. The RTO must have current registration and it must be within the RTO’s scope of registration to deliver the particular course or course component. Schools should confirm the RTO's registration on the National Training Register.
  5. The school retains overall responsibility for monitoring course delivery and for duty of care while students are participating in courses conducted by an RTO. The school is also responsible for providing information to NESA for assessing, reporting and credentialling of the course.