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Proposals for School Developed Board Endorsed Courses

ACE 6008

Last Updated: 29 March 2019

NESA intends that School Developed Board Endorsed Courses explore areas of the curriculum not specifically addressed by the Board Developed Courses. For this reason, NESA will not endorse a course that substantially duplicates the content and outcomes of an existing Board Developed Course. Applications for Stage 5 English, Mathematics and Science courses will not be endorsed.

The Board Endorsement Panel will decide, when a course proposal is submitted for endorsement, whether exclusions will apply. Schools will be notified of any exclusions in the letter of endorsement sent by NESA.

Schools wishing to obtain endorsement for Board Endorsed Courses must complete the appropriate forms and submit them to NESA by the due date via Schools Online (see School Developed Board Endorsed Courses).

There is also provision for the endorsement of School Developed VET Board Endorsed Courses in industry areas and/or qualifications not already available in existing VET courses (see Board Endorsed VET Courses).