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Record of School Achievement – study with an outside tutor

ACE 4013

Last Updated: 26 August 2022

Principals may approve study of up to two Stage 5 courses, other than VET courses, to be credentialled on the Record of School Achievement with an outside tutor in any one year. Study of more than two courses in any one year will require the principal to apply to the Manager, Student Records and Support at NESA for approval.

Before approving these arrangements, the principal must ensure that the student and the tutor have a copy of the syllabus. In addition, the principal must meet the student’s proposed tutor to:

  1. determine that the proposed tutor is, by qualifications and/or experience and/or expertise, a suitable person to teach NESA's syllabus and provide marks and/or assessments in accordance with relevant NESA requirements;
  2. ensure that the indicative number of hours can be provided for tuition and study of the course;
  3. ensure that the course outline prepared by the tutor is consistent with the aims, objectives, outcomes and content of the NESA syllabus;
  4. ensure that the course outline makes provision for the assessment and recording of the student’s progress; and
  5. provide the tutor with the relevant course performance descriptors and arrange for a grade to be provided to the principal of the home school.

For information regarding grades for Stage 5 courses, credentialling, community languages schools and child protection requirements when courses are studied with an outside tutor, see also ACE 4014 Record of School Achievement – study of a Stage 5 course with an outside tutor – procedures.