Record of School Achievement curriculum – study with an external provider

ACE 4012

Last Updated: 29 March 2019

The principal may approve study of Board Developed Courses or Board Endorsed Courses for the Record of School Achievement (RoSA) at another secondary school or institution, including:

  • a government or registered and accredited non-government school;
  • through distance education, for example Open High School (languages only beginning from Year 9), Distance Education Centres and OTEN;
  • the Department of Education's Saturday School of Community Languages; and
  • TAFE NSW or another Registered Training Organisation.

External providers – determination and submission of grades and/or competencies

Where required, grades or competency outcomes will be determined by the school or institution where the course is studied. The principal of the school or institution where the course is studied will submit the grades using Schools Online.

External providers – review of decisions

The school or institution delivering the course processes any requests for reconsideration of decisions.

Mandatory study of languages with school, external provider or outside tutor

Students can meet the mandatory requirement in Languages for the RoSA through study at school, another accredited school or with an outside tutor.