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Record of School Achievement entries – confirmation of entries – amendment to student entries

ACE 4003

Last Updated: 29 January 2020

Schools are required to submit entries for the award of the Record of School Achievement via Schools Online by the due date published by NESA.

Students enrolling in a full Year 10 program

Entry of student details and courses on NESA’s system is usually done at the beginning of Year 10. However, students who are accelerating or accumulating Stage 5 courses should be entered each year in the courses they are undertaking. See below.

Mandatory curriculum requirements

Students are automatically enrolled in the mandatory Years 7–10 curriculum requirements (ie English, Mathematics, Science, HSIE, Languages, Technology, Music, Visual Arts, PDHPE).

Mandatory Stage 5 courses

Students are enrolled automatically in the mandatory 200-hour Stage 5 courses in English, Mathematics and Science, and the mandatory 100-hour courses in Geography and History. Students are not automatically enrolled in PDHPE. This must be done by the school.


Any schools where students undertake 200 hours of PDHPE over Years 9 and 10 should be transferred to the 200-hour course. If the school’s arrangements for the delivery of the mandatory 300 hours of PDHPE across Years 7–10 result in students undertaking less than 100 hours during Years 9 and 10, they should be withdrawn from the 100-hour course.

Courses completed in Year 9

Where schools program 100-hour elective courses to be completed in Year 9, the students should be entered for the course(s) in the year in which they are expected to complete the course(s) – see below. However, in some cases students may begin a 200-hour course in Year 9, but withdraw from the course at the end of Year 9, having completed 100 hours of the course. These students are entitled to have the 100-hour course credentialled.

Schools should determine a grade that best describes the student’s achievement in the course, based on the Stage 5 course performance descriptors for the course. The school should enter the student for the 100-hour course in the year in which they are expected to complete the course, and record the grade on NESA’s system at the end of that year at the same time as other Year 10 grades.

Life Skills

Where a student is entered for a course based on Life Skills outcomes and content from one or more syllabuses, the student cannot be entered for any other course drawn from the same syllabus(es).

Confirmation of entry

Schools must produce Confirmations of Entry via Schools Online as soon as entries are completed. Each Confirmation of Entry must be signed by the student and retained at the school until March of the following year.

Amendment to student entry

Amendments must be made via Schools Online as required. When an amendment is made, a new Confirmation of Entry must be produced, signed by the student and retained at the school.