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Eligibility for the Record of School Achievement for students in Years 7–10 transferring between schools

ACE 4002

Last Updated: 29 March 2019

Students may transfer from one school to another at any time during Years 7–10.

Meeting mandatory curriculum requirements

As far as possible, schools will provide courses to meet the mandatory requirements for students transferring into the school during Years 7–10 (from intra or interstate, or overseas). For some students, the curriculum organisation of the new school may not allow them to meet all mandatory curriculum requirements for the Record of School Achievement (RoSA). For these students, the principal of the new school may deem them to have completed mandatory requirements, provided they supply documentary and/or other evidence to the principal’s satisfaction.

Contesting principal’s RoSA eligibility determination

In cases where a principal’s determination concerning eligibility for the RoSA is contested, full details must be referred to NESA for determination.

Credentialling additional studies/electives for the RoSA for students who have transferred schools

In the case of additional studies, students who have transferred from another school should be credentialled for 100-hour or 200-hour courses completed at the previous school and any 100-hour or 200-hour courses completed at the new school.