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Record of School Achievement – transfers during Stage 5 from overseas, interstate or home schooling

ACE 4032

Last Updated: 29 March 2019

Where a student transfers during Stage 5 from overseas or interstate, with the exception of a student transferring from a recognised school outside NSW, the principal may deem that the mandatory requirements in all key learning areas have been met.

In the case of English, Mathematics, Science, PDHPE and any mandatory course in the HSIE key learning area, the principal may deem that the equivalent of the first 100 hours in each of these courses has been completed prior to enrolment in the new school. The student should then continue to study these courses throughout Stage 5.

Students are eligible for credentialling of any 100-hour courses satisfactorily completed at the new school.

Students transferring into a school from home schooling must do so no later than the beginning of Year 10 if they wish to be considered eligible for the award of a Record of School Achievement at the end of that year.

Such consideration is the responsibility of the principal. Students must provide evidence to the satisfaction of the principal, about their educational program while undertaking home schooling, including achievement of outcomes from the appropriate courses of study.