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Student appeals against assessment rankings in HSC courses - appeals to NESA

ACE 11013

Last Updated: 1 April 2019

Where possible, all reviews will be resolved within the school. However, provision has been made for subsequent appeals to NESA. There is no provision for appeal against the marks awarded for individual assessment tasks.

NESA will consider only whether:

  1. the school review process was adequate for determining whether:
    1. the weightings specified by the school in its assessment program conform with NESA requirements as detailed in the syllabus packages
    2. the procedures used by the school for determining the final assessment mark conform with its stated assessment program – in particular, the weightings used for the various assessment tasks should be consistent with those specified in the assessment program
    3. there are no computational or other clerical errors in the determination of the assessment mark.
  2. the conduct of the review was proper in all respects.

Since the appeal is directed to the assessment process, NESA will not itself revise assessment marks or the order of merit.

If the appeal is upheld, NESA will refer the matter back to the school for a further review. The results of that review may affect the assessment of the student making the appeal and/or the assessments of other students. This may then be reflected in the moderated assessment marks for all students so affected.

NESA will not consider further appeals from other students whose assessments or ranking may be affected by reviews or appeals. The reason is that, although initiated by individual students, the reviews and appeals relate to the assessment process and are designed to correct any errors affecting the assessments for the entire school group.

Submission to NESA

Appeals to NESA should be submitted by the date shown in the HSC key dates and exam timetables. These appeals should be submitted through the school on the appropriate form with their review return.

Appeals submitted after the release of results will not be considered by NESA unless there are exceptional circumstances.