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Higher School Certificate illness/misadventure applications

ACE 11002

Last Updated: 1 April 2019

Students may lodge an illness/misadventure application if they believe that circumstances occurring immediately before or during a Higher School Certificate examination, and which were beyond their control, diminished their examination performance.

The illness/misadventure application provisions are open only to those Higher School Certificate students who have had an assessment mark or VET estimate submitted for the course in question.

In the case of Higher School Certificate illness/misadventure applications, if the application is upheld, the student will be awarded either their examination mark or a mark derived from their assessment mark and unaffected examination components, whichever is the higher.

The right to submit an illness/misadventure application and the responsibility for doing so rests with the student, except where it is impossible for the student to do so, such as in cases of severe illness.

Student attendance at examinations

NESA recommends that where at all possible students should attend examination sessions. NESA does not, however, expect students to attend an examination against specific documented medical advice. Where students are in doubt they are advised to contact the principal.