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Higher School Certificate illness/misadventure applications – group application

ACE 11005

Last Updated: 1 April 2019

When the entire course candidature of a Higher School Certificate examination, or a significant proportion of it, is affected by illness or misadventure, principals need to submit a Whole Group Application form. This form can be accessed through Schools Online .

Principals should complete the appropriate section of the Whole Group Application form, or attach a report detailing the incident and its effect on the performance of those students involved. If the illness or misadventure was in a particular examination venue, the application should note students who were accommodated elsewhere or who had left the examination prior to the incident. Where students from another school are sitting examinations at the school submitting the application, that should be noted on the appeal and the principal of the home school notified. Specific students who the principal considers to have been particularly disadvantaged should be identified. These students should be encouraged to submit an individual Illness/Misadventure Application form.

In instances where a small proportion of the course candidature is submitting applications on the basis of a common misadventure (for example, a Drama performance group or students travelling together involved in a car accident), each student involved is to submit an individual Illness/Misadventure Application form. Each form should be cross-referenced and include a list of all other students involved in the incident.