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Disability provisions: areas outside NESA guidelines

ACE 10003

Last Updated: 1 April 2019

NESA will not compensate students for difficulties in undertaking courses and preparing for the Higher School Certificate examinations.

Schools are responsible for any decisions made at school level to offer provisions to students with a disability in course work, assessment tasks and in-school tests. NESA can offer no guarantee that school-determined provisions will apply in the Higher School Certificate examinations, as each application is individually assessed to ensure consistency and equity.

NESA does not consider the lack of familiarity with the English language to be a disability in this context. Therefore, provisions such as the use of an English/foreign language dictionary will not be approved for students disadvantaged solely because of lack of familiarity with the English language.

Where a student has a condition that might manifest itself during an examination session (eg epilepsy or asthma), the occurrence of an episode during the examination will be covered by the illness/misadventure provisions.

Students for whom disability provisions are approved may not be eligible for illness/misadventure consideration for the same condition unless they experience a deterioration or variation in their condition during the actual examinations.