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Higher School Certificate examinations: assistance from teaching staff

ACE 9014

Last Updated: 30 July 2019

Principals need to arrange for appropriate school staff to assist the presiding officer in the administration of the following HSC examinations:

  • A Music teacher should assist with the the aural component of the examination in Music.
  • A Language teacher should assist with the aural component of the examinations in languages.
  • The exam IT coordinator should assist with the set up of any online examinations and be available to assist in the resolution of any technical issues that arise during the examination.

These are the only cases where a member of the school staff may be involved in the conduct of the examination.

Only NESA-approved calculators  may be taken into the examination room. A list of NESA-approved calculators is published on the NESA website.

Principals need to make arrangements for appropriate teaching staff to assist in checking calculators before the students are allowed into the examination room.