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Higher School Certificate examinations: accommodation

ACE 9008

Last Updated: 11 October 2021

This rule is affected by changes made to RoSA and HSC rules and requirements in 2021.

Find these amendments in our COVID Changes for 2021.

Schools must provide suitable accommodation for the Higher School Certificate examinations. Accommodation must be adequately lit and ventilated and as free as possible from external noise. Accommodation for students requiring disability provisions needs particular attention.

All schools are expected to make assembly halls, multipurpose centres and gymnasiums available for examinations. Classrooms may be used instead of the hall.

A student’s home school provides the examination centre for all of his/her examinations, even if the course is studied through TAFE, another school or a private provider.

Itinerantly marked practical examinations (Dance, Drama, Music) require a quiet, dedicated space in the school. External disturbances such as bells need to be kept to a minimum for the duration of the examinations.