Commencement of HSC internal assessments

ACE 8071

Last Updated: 25 July 2018

Changes to ACE rules and procedures are occurring to reflect the Stronger HSC Standards reforms.

NESA strongly encourages all ACE users to review the Summary of Changes that may impact the below.

With the exception of Mathematics Extension 1, assessments for the HSC course must not commence until after the completion of the Preliminary course. Students who have been allowed to enter the HSC course on probation will need to complete outstanding Preliminary assessment tasks concurrently with HSC assessment tasks.

Exception: Mathematics
Assessment for the Mathematics Extension 1 HSC course can be based on the whole of Mathematics Extension 1 (both Preliminary and HSC courses). However, assessment for Mathematics Extension 1 should not begin until the school program of HSC assessments for other subjects begins (this is usually no earlier than Term 4 of Year 11).