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Preliminary course assessment – areas, tasks, programs and adjustments

ACE 8070

Last Updated: 11 October 2022

Assessment components and weightings

NESA's syllabuses and assessment and reporting documents provide information about mandatory assessment requirements for the HSC courses and Preliminary courses.

Setting assessment tasks

In setting assessment tasks, teachers should give careful consideration to the syllabus objectives and outcomes being assessed. By measuring student achievement of these objectives and outcomes, teachers can build up a profile of the achievement of each student in relation to the Common Grade Scale for Preliminary courses.

Establishing an assessment program

In establishing an assessment program, teachers should ensure that the types of assessment tasks used are appropriate to the objectives and outcomes being assessed. Generally, it will be necessary to use a number of different assessment tasks in order to ensure that student achievement in all the knowledge and skills objectives is assessed.

The scheduling of tasks and the weights applied should reflect the course Assessment and Reporting document.

Adjustments for students with disability

Some students with disability will require adjustments to assessment practices in order to demonstrate what they know and can do in relation to syllabus outcomes and content. The type of adjustments and support will vary according to the particular needs of the student and the requirements of the activity.

It is a requirement under the Disability Standards for Education 2005 for schools to ensure that assessment tasks are accessible to students with disability. Schools are responsible for any decisions made at school level to offer adjustments to coursework, assessment activities and tasks, including in-school tests. Decisions regarding adjustments should be made in the context of collaborative curriculum planning. Providing an adjustment does not restrict a student’s access to the full range of grades or marks