Study of Preliminary and HSC courses: units of study and indicative time

ACE 8064

Last Updated: 25 July 2018

Changes to ACE rules and procedures are occurring to reflect the Stronger HSC Standards reforms.

NESA strongly encourages all ACE users to review the Summary of Changes that may impact the below.

A unit of study comprises 60 hours indicative time in each of the Preliminary and HSC courses.

Indicative time is the time expected for a typical student to achieve the objectives and outcomes of the course. The indicative time for a course is therefore directly related to that course's objectives and outcomes.

Preliminary and HSC extension courses
A Preliminary 2-unit course and Preliminary Extension course (in English and Mathematics) may be studied concurrently. For all HSC Extension courses except HSC Mathematics Extension 2, an HSC Extension course may only be studied concurrently with, or after completing, the HSC 2-unit course in the subject.

Studies of Religion I                                                                                                             Studies of Religion I consists of a 1-unit Preliminary course and a 1-unit HSC course (120 hours) and students must satisfactorily complete the Preliminary course before commencing the HSC course. Students may be credentialled for satisfactory completion of Studies of Religion I Preliminary course (60 hours).

Fundamentals of English
Fundamentals of English is a 2-unit course available as a Preliminary course only which may be studied in Year 11 or Year 12 or both Years 11 and 12. Completion of 60 hours of the Fundamentals of English course will be credentialled by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) provided that students have:

  • completed 24 hours of study in Module A;
  • completed at least 18 hours of study in each of two other course modules; and
  • achieved some or all of the course outcomes as required by the principal.