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Recognition of prior learning towards the award of the Higher School Certificate

ACE 8045

Last Updated: 1 April 2019

A student's prior learning and experience in an informal or non-formal context, including study in other systems and life/work experience, may exempt a student from some course requirements if the student is able to demonstrate that he/she has already achieved some or all of the learning outcomes for that course.

Recognition of prior learning (RPL) :

• may be granted for a Preliminary course, part of a Preliminary course or part of an HSC course

• cannot be granted for the whole of an HSC course

• may be claimed in English.

 The prior learning for which recognition is sought must relate to the learning outcomes of a course (either Board Developed or Board Endorsed) which is offered for Higher School Certificate study.

Students granted RPL for the Preliminary course are still required to complete NESA's eligibility requirements for the Preliminary year.

Credentialling RPL

Where the principal grants RPL, the supporting documentation must be retained by the school.

Where RPL is given for the whole of a Preliminary course, the Records, Credentialling and Reporting Branch of NESA must be notified by the principal.

The student will be credentialled for the completed HSC course only and the HSC course units will count towards the HSC pattern of study. The Preliminary course, for which RPL is given, is not credentialled and does not count in the Preliminary pattern of study.

Recognition of prior learning is determined by the principal under delegation from NESA.