Eligibility requirements for the Higher School Certificate

ACE 8004

Last Updated: 1 April 2019

 To be eligible for the award of the Higher School Certificate, students must:

  1. have gained the Record of School Achievement or such other qualifications as the NESA considers satisfactory;
  2. have attended a government school, an accredited non-government school, a school outside New South Wales recognised by NESA or a college of TAFE;
  3. have completed HSC: All My Own Work (or its equivalent);
  4. have satisfactorily completed courses that comprise the pattern of study required by NESA for the award of the Higher School Certificate; and
  5. sit for and make a serious attempt at the requisite Higher School Certificate examinations.

Note: Students undertaking only Stage 6 Life Skills courses are not required to complete the HSC: All My Own Work program or its equivalent.