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Board Developed and Content Endorsed VET courses for the Higher School Certificate – minimum length and delivery

ACE 6003

Last Updated: 3 September 2021

The minimum length of ‘standalone’ Board Developed and Content Endorsed VET Courses is 120 hours.

Students who complete only 60 hours of a 120-hour VET Framework course or of a VET Content Endorsed Course will not be accredited for one ‘standalone’ unit within their pattern(s) of study for Higher School Certificate eligibility. Such students will, however, receive recognition within the Australian Qualifications Framework for units of competency achieved.

Schools delivering 120-hour VET Framework courses or Content Endorsed VET Courses over two years must ensure that students are fully aware of these credentialling implications.

Board Developed Courses and Board Endorsed VET Courses may be delivered by schools, TAFE and private RTOs.

For students undertaking Real Estate licensing units in conjunction with the Business Services Curriculum Framework 240-hour course, the associated VET Board Endorsed Course is 60 indicative hours.