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Record of School Achievement – credentialling of Stage 6 courses for students who leave school prior to obtaining the Higher School Certificate

ACE 5005

Last Updated: 29 March 2019

The following documents are issued by NESA to students leaving school:

  • Record of School Achievement (or Transcript of Study if not eligible for the Record of School Achievement)
  • Profile of Student Achievement (for students who have completed any Stage 5 or Stage 6 Life Skills courses)
  • VET credentials (for students who have completed any VET competencies as part of the Stage 6 pattern of study).

The RoSA provides information on the student’s performance throughout Stage 5 and Stage 6 up to a student’s completion of Higher School Certificate requirements. 

The Profile of Student Achievement provides details of the specific Stage 5 Life Skills syllabus outcomes achieved by students undertaking courses based on Life Skills outcomes and content and the specific Stage 6 Life Skills course outcomes achieved at the time of the collection of grades for Stage 6 Preliminary courses. 

AQF VET qualifications are awarded to students who undertake VET courses as part of their Record of School Achievement program and achieve at least one unit of competency. 

Students leaving school who have completed Year 10 but who do not meet the RoSA requirements are issued by NESA with a printed Transcript of Study detailing completed courses and results.

Students leaving school prior to the completion of Year 10 do not meet the RoSA requirements and are not entitled to a printed Transcript of Study.

A Student eRecord is available for download by students from Students Online and by schools from Schools Online from the end of Year 10. The content of the Student eRecord is identical to the information contained on the Record of Student Achievement/Transcript of Study (as applicable). The Student eRecord is not a formal NESA credential.