Record of School Achievement curriculum – mandatory curriculum and Stage 5 additional (elective) studies

ACE 4009

Last Updated: 1 February 2018

Record of School Achievement curriculum – mandatory curriculum and additional (elective) studies

Schools are not required to offer additional studies. However, additional Board Developed Courses, Content Endorsed Courses or School Developed Board Endorsed Courses can be credentialled on the Record of School Achievement if they are taught during Stage 5 and in accordance with syllabus and indicative time requirements.

History and Geography – mandatory and elective courses

History and Geography are mandatory courses in Stage 5. Students may also undertake additional elective courses in History and Geography which are credentialled with separate grades on the Record of School Achievement.

Technological and Applied Studies, Visual Arts and Music – mandatory and elective courses

In the Technological and Applied Studies (TAS) key learning area (KLA), and in Visual Arts and Music, which contain mandatory and additional courses, students must complete the mandatory course before commencing any additional courses.