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Mandatory curriculum requirements for the Record of School Achievement – indicative time

ACE 4006

Last Updated: 5 April 2022

This rule is affected by changes made to RoSA and HSC rules and requirements in 2022.

Find these amendments in our COVID Changes for 2022.

The mandatory curriculum requirements for the award of a Record of School Achievement (RoSA) apply to all government schools, accredited non-government schools, schools outside NSW recognised by NESA and for all students who are candidates for the RoSA.

Time allocations – indicative time

All time allocations for the mandatory curriculum requirements are indicative. Indicative time is the time expected for a typical student to achieve the objectives and outcomes of the course. The indicative time for a course is therefore directly related to that course’s objectives and outcomes.

It is expected that schools will timetable Board developed courses for at least the indicative number of hours.

The indicative hour requirements for courses based on Life Skills outcomes and content in Years 7-10 are the same as the mandatory curriculum requirements.

Reference to Years 7–10 in ACE 4007 Mandatory curriculum requirements for the Record of School Achievement in no way precludes gifted and talented students from accelerated study programs.