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Eligibility for the Record of School Achievement – exchange students

ACE 4004

Last Updated: 29 March 2019

Students on overseas exchange should not be penalised in terms of eligibility for the Record of School Achievement (RoSA) by undertaking educational experiences in another country.

For some categories of exchange (such as sporting visits), if the student notifies the school in advance, compensatory work and assessment tasks can be negotiated.

A student who is absent due to participation in a student exchange program approved by the school may be eligible for the RoSA if they meet all requirements for its award. It is the responsibility of the school to ensure that all requirements are met, including that the student attends school until the final day of Year 10, and that the student is awarded grades representing their actual achievement in all Stage 5 courses satisfactorily completed.

Students who return to NSW from an endorsed exchange program after the last day of Year 10 may make retrospective application for satisfaction of eligibility requirements for a RoSA based on their studies while overseas.

NESA will consider applications under the following conditions:

  1. the subjects studied while overseas are comparable to those being studied for the RoSA
  2. details of the content of courses studied overseas are made available to the principal on the student’s return to NSW
  3. certification is obtained from the overseas school that the student has satisfactorily studied such courses during the period of absence from NSW.