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Record of School Achievement – appeals against grades for Stage 5 and Stage 6 courses

ACE 11010

Last Updated: 1 April 2019

Students wishing to appeal against the grade(s) in any subject awarded to them by the school should submit a written appeal, together with evidence, to their principal.

In order to be successful in such appeals, students would need to substantiate that the grade(s) awarded in the course(s) was inconsistent with the progressive reporting from the school. If the appeal is upheld, the principal should send notification of the new grade(s) to NESA.

Where possible, all reviews of the grade(s) awarded in any subject should be resolved within the school. However, provision has been made for subsequent appeals to NESA.

NESA will consider only whether:

  • the school review process was adequate for determining whether the procedures used by the school for determining the grade(s) conform with NESA advice and the school’s policy regarding the grading of student achievement
  • the conduct of the school review was proper in all respects.

Since the appeal is directed to the progressive reporting by the school, NESA will not revise individual tasks or test marks.

If the appeal is upheld, NESA will refer the matter back to the school for a further review.