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Disability provisions: small group and individual supervision

ACE 10009

Last Updated: 5 August 2015

Some disability provisions may require the student to sit the examination separately from the main group. In these cases, small group supervision in a separate room will be approved.  In other cases, individual supervision may be approved to address the student's examination needs.

The following arrangements, where considered appropriate, may be followed for the supervision of such students.

  1. Students approved extra time or rest breaks may be seated together in the same room. This would be appropriate where students have been approved similar amounts of additional time. Small group supervision will be approved for these students.
    Students approved additional time may elect to be seated at the back of the examination hall. The students must be seated in such a way that there is minimal disruption when other students from the main body of the hall leave at the end of an examination.
  2. Students approved a reader and/or a writer should be accommodated together. The room must be large enough, however, to ensure that discussions between the reader/writer and the student cannot be heard by the other student(s) undertaking the examination in that room. These students will be approved small group supervision.
  3. Students approved the use of a personal computer should be seated in one room, providing the room size allows each student to be seated in an isolated area.