Using ACE

Navigating ACE

Information on ACE is accessed using the navigation panel on the left-hand side of each page (like the Board’s main website) and a search feature at the top right.

ACE page format

ACE Topics provide policy information, with each topic having its own number. These numbers are for the purpose of identification only. The first digit of each topic number equates to the ACE Manual (2005) section. For example, ACE 8034 is a topic that is currently located in Section 8 of the ACE Manual (2005).There is no significance attached to the other digits in each topic number.

Policy Procedures provide links to ACE topics, documents and sites that provide information on Board policies and procedures.

Support Documents provide links to support materials relevant to the topic.

Related Topics provide links to other relevant ACE topics.

Background and Context provide links to information that underlies and supports the Board’s policy.

Last updated: The date on each page confirms the currency of the information.

ACE topic page

Printing ACE content

It is anticipated that ACE will be used, primarily, as an online document. This practice will ensure that users access up-to-date information.

Users are able to print single pages of information (that may include Policy Procedures, Support Documents, Related Topics and Background and Context).

Users are also able to generate a PDF version of a group of topics indicated by an icon at the bottom of the list of topics. PDF documents provide the text for topics included in the group. For all ACE online content, users are able to visit each section and print all groups of topics.

Ace print feature