Return of and responsibility for HSC submitted works

ACE 9021

Last Updated: 20 October 2011

Submission of works to the Board of Studies and mail or transport costs are the responsibility of the school, except in the case of Visual Arts, where pickup of works is organised by the Board of Studies. (This provision does not apply to overseas schools recognised to offer the Higher School Certificate. Overseas schools are responsible for the cost of the transport of their Visual Arts works.)

The Board of Studies will return all submitted works to schools after marking unless otherwise advised. While every care is taken with them, the Board accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to them.

Students may make special arrangements for the delivery and return of their works at their own expense if they receive approval for the arrangements from the Board.

The school should inform students that no compensation will be provided for accidental loss or damage to a work while it is in the possession of the Board or in transit to and from marking. It is the student's responsibility to arrange any insurance, and students are strongly advised to retain a copy of their work if this is practicable.