Assessment of Stage 6 Life Skills courses

ACE 8100

Last Updated: 20 March 2014

Assessment of students in Life Skills courses in Stage 6 is in relation to the outcomes selected in the collaborative curriculum planning process (see Related Topics link below).

Profile of Student Achievement
The Board issues a Profile of Student Achievement to each student completing one or more Stage 6 Life Skills courses.

The Profile will contain a list of all Stage 6 Life Skills syllabus outcomes that have been achieved, either independently or with support, by the student during Stage 6.

The Profile will be issued to students as part of their Higher School Certificate credentials.

Information about the Profile of Student Achievement, and how it is generated is available on the Board’s website.

(See: Profile of Student Achievement Life Skills)

Approaches to the assessment of students for Life Skills courses in Stage 6 are detailed in the Life Skills syllabuses.

Students who satisfactorily complete a Stage 6 Life Skills course and are leaving school without completing the Higher School Certificate will have their Stage 6 Life Skills course/s reported on the Record of School Achievement (RoSA) or the Transcript of Study (for students ineligible for the RoSA). For these students, a Profile of Student Achievement will also be issued showing the outcomes achieved in any Stage 6 (Preliminary and/or HSC) course satisfactorily completed.