School review of HSC internal assessments: appeals to BOSTES

ACE 8092

Last Updated: 22 September 2015

Where possible, reviews will be resolved within the school. However, provision has been made for subsequent appeals to BOSTES.

There is no appeal against the marks awarded for individual assessment tasks. BOSTES will consider only whether:

  1. the school review process was adequate for determining items (a), (b) and (c) in ACE 11011 Student appeals against assessment rankings in HSC courses: school review of assessments
  2. the conduct of the review was proper in all respects.

Since the appeal is directed to the assessment process, BOSTES itself will not revise the assessment marks or rank order.

If the appeal is upheld, BOSTES will direct the school to conduct a further review.

The appeal to BOSTES should be submitted by the date stipulated in the Higher School Certificate Events Timetable. The appeal should be submitted through the school on the appropriate form.

Appeals submitted after the release of results will not be considered by BOSTES.