Determining whether the Life Skills outcomes have been ‘achieved independently’ or ‘achieved with support’

ACE 7009

Last Updated: 12 December 2011

An outcome should be considered as ‘achieved independently’ if there is evidence that a student can demonstrate the achievement of an outcome either:

  • without adjustments or
  • with the adjustments that enable the student to access course work and/or demonstrate achievement during assessment opportunities. These adjustments will have been determined through the collaborative curriculum planning process.

Examples of such adjustments might include:

  • the positioning of a student in a classroom
  • additional time to communicate
  • use of assistive technology
  • provision of alternative formats, eg large print or Braille
  • provision of a reader or writer.

Some students will only be able to demonstrate achievement if they are provided with additional support. This type of adjustment is provided when a student requires assistance to demonstrate the achievement of an outcome. In such cases an outcome should be considered as ‘achieved with support’.

Examples of additional support include:

  • verbal prompts
  • visual prompts
  • physical assistance
  • provision of partial responses.