Assessment of Life Skills outcomes in Stage 6

ACE 7008

Last Updated: 26 October 2011

Students undertaking a Stage 6 Life Skills course will be assessed on their achievement of the Life Skills outcomes identified in the planning process for the individual student.

Students can demonstrate achievement of outcomes in a number of ways, and across a range of environments including the school, community and workplace. Assessment should reflect the student’s ability to generalise the knowledge and skills to a range of adult environments.

The content listed with each outcome provides examples of assessable activities on which teacher judgement will be based. Students do not need to complete all of the associated content to demonstrate achievement of a Life Skills outcome.

Evidence of achievement of outcomes can be gathered through ongoing assessment for learning and assessment of learning at particular points in the course of study.

Students entered for Life Skills courses may achieve the designated outcomes independently or with support.

See ACE 7009 - Determining whether the Life Skills Outcomes have been ‘achieved independently’ or ‘achieved with support’ for further information.