School planning for the implementation of Stage 6 Life Skills courses

ACE 7006

Last Updated: 27 February 2013

When it has been decided that a student should undertake one or more Stage 6 Life Skills courses, school planning to support the student in the learning process should:

  • involve appropriate personnel in the design and implementation of the student’s overall study pattern for the Higher School Certificate
  • select the Life Skills outcomes and content appropriate to the student’s needs that will form the basis of the student’s study in the Stage 6 Life Skills course(s)
  • identify the most appropriate contexts for the student to demonstrate achievement of outcomes, eg school, community or workplace
  • estimate the time needed for addressing outcomes and content
  • identify the resources required to assist the school in meeting the needs of the student
  • plan teaching strategies that are appropriate to the age and abilities of the student
  • identify adjustments that may be required to enable the student to access the Life Skills outcomes and content and demonstrate achievement of outcomes
  • identify strategies for monitoring the student’s progress
  • include ongoing collaborative planning to assist the student’s successful transition through school to adult life.

Schools may develop integrated programs that address outcomes from selected Stage 6 Life Skills courses to meet the needs of individual students. In developing integrated programs, schools should be mindful of the indicative hours of the selected courses.

Outcomes and content should be selected on the basis of individual students’ learning needs. Schools will assess the student’s achievement of Life Skills outcomes from these courses for recording on the HSC Profile of Student Achievement.