Higher School Certificate entry procedures for Stage 6 Life Skills courses

ACE 7003

Last Updated: 12 December 2011

When entering students for Stage 6 Life Skills course(s), the principal is certifying that the student is eligible and the decision is the result of a collaborative planning process.

Schools should not enrol students in Preliminary or HSC Life Skills courses after the school year has commenced unless special circumstances apply and these circumstances have been taken into account in the context of a collaborative planning process.

Where a school has a student undertaking one or more Life Skills courses in Stage 6, the school must inform the Board of Studies via the submission of Preliminary and HSC entries through Schools Online .

Students with special education needs undertaking one or more Stage 6 Life Skills courses will enter for the award of the Higher School Certificate according to the procedures detailed in ACE 9001 Student entry procedures: Preliminary and HSC course entries, ACE 9002 Student entry procedures: confirmations of entry and ACE 9003 Student entry procedures: amendments to entry.